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Sailing Yacht Nirvana

Crewed Charter Agreement

Sailing Yacht Nirvana /Crewed Charter Agreement

Insurance: The Owner insures the vessel against fire, marine and collision risks and protection and indemnity coverage for the term of the charter and thereby the Charterer shall

 be relieved of any and all liability for such loss or damage. The Owner holds the said policy of insurance but should the Owner fail to carry such insurance he shall then assume

the same responsibility as if the vessel were so insured.

Disclaimer: The Vessel, the Owner, and Owners agents accept no responsibility for accidents, injuries, or death for any reason while on this vessel or due to swimming or the use

of snorkels, masks or allied equipment, whether supplied by the Owner, Owners agents or others. Neither the vessel nor the Owner, Owners agents, are liable for any accidents,

bodily injury or death while on this vessel or any activity related activities on this vessel or to snorkeling, spinnaker flying, halyard flying, the vessels dinghy, outboard motor, other

on-board or in-water activities or use of vessels equipment and the Charterer acknowledges the risks of such activities and agrees to this provision.

Unlawful Actions: The Charterer agrees to prohibit unlawful actions, including the use or possession of any illegal drugs, on board the vessel by any members of his party and will

be totally responsible for any loss or damage to the vessel due to any violation of Customs, Drug Acts or other applicable laws. If any such unlawful actions are committed by

guests, the Captain will put the entire charter party ashore at the next port of call without refund of any charter fees. The Charterer agrees that the vessel shall be used exclusively

for pleasure purposes and will in no way violate the laws of the USA or any other government within the jurisdiction of which the vessel may be at any time throughout the charter.

Captains Duties: The Owner certifies that the Captain is competent coastwise and in deep-sea navigation. It is understood by both parties to this contract that while the Charterer

may decide on the general course of the voyage and ports of call, the Captain shall handle clearance and normal running of the vessel and be responsible for the safe navigation

of the same and that Charterer shall abide by his judgment as to sailing, weather, anchorages and other pertinent matters.

Charterers Responsibility: The Charterer agrees to be responsible for and to replace or make good any injury to the yacht, her furnishings or equipment caused by himself or by

any of his party through carelessness or neglect and to satisfy any indebtedness that may have been incurred for account of or by order of the Charter party.

Additions: The charter fee includes all expenses related to running of the vessel including the use of sports equipment on board except as noted below. Not included in the charter

rate are costs of dockage requested by the Charterer during the term of this charter, rental of sports equipment not inventoried by the yacht, premium beverages, off-yacht

excursions or meals and drinks, telephone or similar expenses incurred by the charterer and crew gratuities.

Arbitration: Both parties to this contract agree to submit to binding arbitration under the guidelines of the American Arbitration Association to resolve any dispute that should arise

as to contract provisions.

Certification of Authorization: The Charterer signing this contract certifies that he has been authorized by all members of the charter party to sign on their behalf and this contract

shall be binding on all members of the charter party as if they had each individually signed same.

Exceptions/Amendments: All exceptions, special requests and amendments to the contract should be noted here:    

To the true and faithful performance of the foregoing Agreement, the said parties hereto bind themselves, their heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, each to the other and

hereto have set their hands.

Owner/Master: ________________________________ Date: ______________

Charterer: ____________________________________ Date: ______________

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