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LONG ISLAND SOUND AND BEYOND. With close proximity to Manhattan, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Block Island and Newport as well as numerous restaurants that you can sail right up to, we're located in one of the premier cruising grounds in the world.

Long Island Sound is sandwiched between Long Island to the South and NY/CT to the North, and these two sides are very diverse both topographically and culturally. (Sometimes the accents are so distinct, you'd think you've crossed into a foreign country.) The Long Island side offers a succession of great cruising destinations in its bays, while the northern territory is characterized by rivers spilling around islands that offer shelter for the night.

And yes, even somewhere as densely populated as around Long Island Sound and the NY metro area, there are more secluded anchorages than one can count. Remember that a lot of the prime real estate is either a nature preserve or a major estate and you may not even be able to see the house. When you consider that you are providing the residents with ambiance by anchoring your boat in front of their houses, you will realize that you need not have a bad conscience. There are many designated anchorages marked on the charts where you can comfortably park your boat for the night - and others, unmarked, that are fair game as well - with a bit of the Captain's local knowledge.

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