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The Yacht

Nirvana is a beautiful classic Pearson 386, designed by Bill Shaw and built to the highest specifications. The 386 exemplifies a boat with a lot more performance than thought possible in a cruiser this size. With traditional styling above the waterline, the underbody reflects today's thinking for an all-purpose cruising boat that's very responsive, highly maneuverable, and a delight to sail.

With safety always a priority, Nirvana is equipped with all necessary Coast Guard approved flotation devices as well as redundant electronic navigation equipment.

Below-decks, the 386 melds the classic with the modern with such features as a private bathroom that includes a separate shower. On board amenities include a refrigerator and three burner stove, a very private forward cabin for two and additional generous sleeping accommodations for up to 6. Stowage space abounds, making it easy to maintain a shipshape appearance at any time. The right amount of space, in the right places, for the right purposes, for real people to use- something that is appreciated and, quite frankly, expected by the experienced cruiser.

                                                   COME SAIL WITH US !

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