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Sailing Yacht Nirvana

Crewed Charter Agreement

Sailing Yacht Nirvana /Crewed Charter Agreement

Between: Rick Travis (owner) Charterer: __________________________

Commencing: at: (approx)___________________And ending: at: (approx)_________________

Cruising the waters of: Long Island Sound Number of guests: ____ Number of nights: _____

Deposit to reserve dates: $ _200_______ Final payment: $ ___________ Date due:

Charter Fee: $ _100pp________________Sales Tax: (CT 6%,RI 7%, NY 8.25%) $ ________

Total price of charter: $_____________

All prices are $USD. Payment of the deposit, advance payment and final payment amounts may be made by cash/PayPal or personal check,(checks payable to Rick Travis - list charter

dates in memo field of check) but must be received by and available as cleared funds on or before the indicated due dates.

Rick Travis

28 Highland View Rd.

Mahopac NY, 10541


DATE: ________________

Delivery: The Owner agrees to deliver the yacht ready for service and agrees to allow demurrage pro rata to the Charterer for any delay in delivery. Should it be impossible for the Owner

to make delivery as stipulated through causes beyond his control such as acts of nature including severe storm, mechanical breakdown, accident or sickness and should such delivery

not be made within 24 hours thereafter, then this agreement may be canceled by the Charterer and any charter money paid in advance shall be returned to the Charterer.

Changes In Specifications: From time to time the specifications of this yacht and her equipment may change due to repairs or refurbishment of the yacht, or the exchange of one

recreational item for another: Charterer understands that such changes may take place and if any particular specification is of great importance to him it is so noted below:

Accidents: Should the yacht during the period of this charter be lost, stranded or disabled by act of nature or unable to perform this charter because of severe storm, fire, perils of the sea,

or other unavoidable accident and such situation was not brought about by act or fault of the Charterer, charter hire shall cease from the time thereof and neither of the parties shall be

liable for the loss, damage, expense or inconvenience resulting there from.

Cancellation: It is further agreed by the parties hereto that if the charterer must cancel, all monies paid in deposit will be forfeited unless the yacht is re-booked for the original dates

reserved. Refund will be in full or pro-rated according to dates re-booked less $250 cancellation fee. If the Owner must cancel, the Owner shall refund monies paid in full to the Charterer.

Cancellation must be done by facsimile or by registered mail.

Defaults in Payments: Should any installment of charter money not be paid within 7 days of the date designated, the Owner shall have the right to cancel this Agreement without

prejudice to his rights in respect to any of the charter money.

Charterer Initials: ________________Date:_________________

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